About Erin

At the heart of my midwifery practice is a focus on relationships. I remember what I loved about my own homebirth midwifery care when I gave birth to my first child in 1999 and I strive to bring those feelings into my practice. My clients curl up with a cup of tea in my cozy office for a relaxed and generous appointment, with lots of time to build trusting a relationship and answer all your questions. I believe in honest, authentic communication and care that is individualized and collaborative and tailored to your unique situation taking into account not just the issues surrounding your health and that of your baby but also your hopes, worries and dreams.

Erin Piorier, Midwife and Herbalist, Owner of Blue Vervain Botanicals making a batch of "Botanical Eye Cream"

In addition to being a traditional midwife with the Certified Professional Midwife Credential I have also been in practice as an herbalist for nearly 15 years. I hold the Registered Herbalist credential from the American Herbalist Guild.

As a professional herbalist I offer consultations, herbal education, and plant-based medicine to the Twin Cities community.  I provide my clients with handmade, wildcrafted herbal products gathered from the fields and forest of the upper Midwest or grown in my St. Paul organic garden.  I integrate my holistic health work into my midwifery practice for clients who desire it for those times when pregnancy or postpartum discomforts arise.

I am also an active herbal educator, teaching classes on family health, plant identification, medicine making and other aspects of traditional herbalism.  I am the co-organizer of the community event the Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival, which takes place annually.

It is always an honor to be with families in childbirth.  I love being invited into people’s homes and their lives and bearing witness to their power as they birth their babies and grow in confidence as mothers.


You can text  or call me at 612-508-0584 or  email herbalisterin@outlook.com  Check out the website www.geneabirth.com or www.minnesotaherbalist.com where I write about plants and healing.





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