Spring geneabirth Community Blessingway

hayley henna hand

Geneabirth Community Blessingway

Sunday, April 17th

11am -2 pm

Geneabirth –851 Dayton Avenue,

Saint Paul MN 55104

blessingway group photo 2

Join us in celebration and fellowship at our community Blessingway.  A Blessingway is an alternative to a baby shower, an event to mark the passage a woman makes to motherhood for the first time or each subsequent time she adds a new life to her family.

All women are welcome…pregnant, postpartum, doula or other birthworkers or any women or mothers who want to offer support, enjoy one another’s company and bask in the warm, loving birthy glow.

We will  honor the mothers who came before us, sing, pamper our mothers-to-be and other guests with henna, foot rubs and shoulder massages, weave a web of support and end it all sharing a delicious meal together.

Babes in arms welcome.  Please make alternative arrangements for older babies, toddlers and children.

Please bring a potluck item to share. Sparkly non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, a celebratory cake  and gluten-free treat will be provided.

RSVP   Erin at epiorier@mninter.net  or via text at 612-508-0584  or find the event on our Geneabirth facebook page and join.




sally doing henna

hair braiding blessingway

group photo blessingway

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