What to do if Baby Arrives Before the Midwives: Childbirth 101


mom and baby immediate postpartum

We spend a lot of time during the last weeks of pregnancy talking about how to recognize the signs of labor and when to call the midwives.  Our goal is to make it to your birth in plenty of time. We want  to set up the equipment and supplies, listen to your baby, check in our your well-being and offer support to you and your family.  Most often labor begins gently, with noticeable early signs.  However, sometimes labor begins with a roar and unfolds remarkably quickly.  Some women birth very quickly with a labor that last just 3 hours from first signs to birth. Sometimes a first birth was difficult and long and a second time mom may experience early and active labor as not very uncomfortable, she thinks she has a long time to go and doesn’t want to bother us and then we get an urgent call from a woman’s partner that the baby is coming quickly! We are speeding towards the family and we will almost certainly get there in time. It’s good for partners and other family members to have a little education about what to do if your baby is coming quickly and your midwives are on the way. Sarah has written  some tips and important points to remember because what will happen at each birth cannot be predicted and it helps to be prepared for all possibilities.

  • Put your midwife on speaker phone so you can talk to each other.
  • Don’t panic!  Everything is going smoothly and that’s why baby is on the way.
  • Grab the towels from your birth supplies and a package of the blue chux pads.  If the birthing woman is out of the tub, place some blue pads under her to protect your floor if you have time.
  • When the baby is emerging, don’t pull on the baby’s head.  JUST RECEIVE.
  • The baby can be brought right to mama’s chest, skin too skin to help the baby stay warm.There are two important things to keep in mind with a newly born baby:  BREATH AND WARMTH
  • Sometimes a baby born quickly is stunned.  Rub your baby, flick the soles of the feet, press firmly on the back, rubbing up and down while talking to your baby.
  • Dry baby off while on mama’s chest. Then replace the wet towel with a dry towel.
  • You do not need to cut the cord, tie the cord or deliver the placenta.
  • Keep the baby warm and close to mom.
  • The midwives are on the way!
  • If at any point during the labor, birth or immediate postpartum you can call 911 for extra assistance if you are concerned about mom and baby’s well-being.




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