Help for your Pelvic Floor Issues: A Workshop at geneabirth

It’s a big deal to carry and birth a baby!  Most of us feel like things are different in our bodies afterwards.  Sometimes these changes are small or subtle, but for some women the symptoms really bother us or negatively impact our lives. Join us  at geneabirth on Thursday, May 21st to learn about this important topic and and what you can do about it!  Our friend, Sally Rye, will be presenting her workshop (description below).  You will learn practical tips and exercises you can put into practice right away and Sally is a lot of fun–she will put you at ease with humor and lightheartedness.

Pelvic Floor, POP & Core, Let Your Booty Work Some More

Do you pee when you sneeze?  Were you told you have diastasis recti/separated abs? Do you hate kegels?  then this class is for you!  This class will explain why women have pelvic floor problems.  You will learn how to alleviate symptoms now and promote long-term healing.

 About Sally:  Sally Rye developed her expertise about abs, pelvic floors, diastasis recti, and umbilical hernias over the past decade, inspired by her own body’s experience in these areas.  Sally loves to share her knowledge and finds entertaining ways to inform about this taboo topic, empowering women to pursue effective remedies.  She recently closed her decade-old diastasis and lives in Minneapolis with her husband, three children, and nine backyard chickens. sally rye

When:  Thursday, May 21st, 10 am-11:30.  With tea, coffee and chatting from 11:30-12:30.

Where:  geneabirth, 851 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104  (upper level)

Who can come:  Any and all women.  You do not need to be a geneabirth client to attend.

What about the kids?  That’s up to you.  You may get the most out of this presentation if you don’t have to chase after your toddler.  However, babies and kids are certainly welcome.  Erin and Sarah will be on hand to be baby-holders and toddler-wranglers.

How to register:  This workshop is free to geneabirth clients who are currently pregnant or still recieving postpartum care from Sarah and Erin.   Just send an RSVP to Erin at For former clients and other community members the fee is $10.  Please register via paypal using the button below. Questions?  Contact Erin at 612-508-0584 or leave a question in the comments sections or email me at

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2 thoughts on “Help for your Pelvic Floor Issues: A Workshop at geneabirth

  1. There’s a inconsistency/mistake on your WHEN date below: in the letter body is says May 21st. In the WHEN: it says March 21st. Of course, I’m sure it means May. Just thought you might want to know.

    I would like to attend, if I’m able. Is there any way I can pay cash at arrival on day of? Thanks.

    ~Therese Fread

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