Hypnobabies Classes at Geneabirth

We are excited to host Hypnobabies Childbirth Education at geneabirth.

There are many great options for childbirth education in the Twin Cities. Childbirth education with a hypnosis component is an increasingly popular choice.  We have seen hypnosis techniques help women decrease tension and fear during pregnancy and birth, leading to greater relaxation and confidence during birth.

You can read more about hypnobabies here.

Our colleague and friend, Aileen Larson, of Bywater Birth will  be teaching weekend Hypnobabies classes at our clinic in Saint Paul.  Each session is 6 weeks of comprehensive childbirth education with a hypnosis/relaxation component. Hypnobabies includes the hypnosis tracks and cds. The mamas we work with who take a hypno type childbirth education love these cds and audio files and use them to achieve restful sleep  when insomnia is a problem,to decrease worry and anxiety in late pregnancy and to continue to reinforce positive ideas about pregnancy and birth.


Aileen Larson hypnobabies geneabirth bywater birth

About Aileen:

Hi!  I’m Aileen Larson and  I’m a mother, birth doula, Hypnobabies Instructor, and placenta encapsulator.  I’m also a Co-Leader of Twin Cities Attachment Parenting International.  I love babies, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, and helping families to hit their stride after a new baby arrives.


Aileen’ Upcoming Hypnobabies Classes: 

November 9 – December 14, 2014, Sundays, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm, for January and February guess dates
January 4 – February 8, 2015, Sundays, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm, for March and April guess dates

You can reach Aileen with questions or to register at  612.408.9035, or aileen@bywaterbirth.com

You can also read more about how to register and a detailed outline of the classes here.

We love options and think there’s a great class out there for every couple.  Geneabirth will continue to host Bradley Childbirth Education with Karen Bruce, an experienced childbirth educator in the Bradley method.  Karen also offers a four week Homebirth Prep course.   Karen’s classes meet on Monday or Tuesday evenings. Contact Karen for more details.



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