Virtual Tour of the New Office

Sarah and I have been working out of the new office since late December, but I’ve only just had that perfect combination of  free time and a sunny afternoon to take some pictures of the new office.

This is the main space. It functions as waiting room and a space for classes and other events. We hosted Birth Video Night last week.  We’ll be hosting a Mother’s Tea her every other week going forward and we also have plans to find a childbirth educator to have classes here.  Sometimes we have interviews and prenatals in the main space just because it is so bright and sunny.

main space two

main space

A cute little terrarium by the windows:

terrarium in the new office

We love herbs and think they can greatly enhance a woman’s health during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.  Here’s our shelf of bulk herbs for our Mamas.  We have organic blends created by us including Pregnancy Tea, Sitz Bath and Mother’s Milk Tea.


This gorgeous statue was a gift from my favorite doula client for my office.  (I’m allowed to say she’s my favorite because she’s my sister, whose birth I was honored to attend).


The herbal consultation space is also peaceful and sunny.

herb room

I use a mirror so my client’s can look at their tongues while I doing tongue assessment and I can explain what I am seeing to them.

herbs on the table two

herb room 2

herb books

The prenatal room is really sweet, whimsical and colorful. We have a couple of beautiful belly casts and some lovely art that has been given to us by clients.  There’s a little toy corner in the prenatal room.



belly cast

belly cast two

Tools of the trade: my  fetoscope, the old fashioned, ultrasound-free tool that midwives use to listen to babies. I love the intimacy of using the fetoscope and it aids in determining baby’s position in utero because in general you have to be right on the chest or right on the left upper quadrant of the back to hear the baby well.


In the kitchen:

We are ready to make everyone welcome with coffee or tea.


That’s a lot of raspberry leaf! I don’t harvest it myself. I buy organic from Mountain Rose because we go through so much making our pregnancy tea blend for our mamas.

raspberry leaf

The kitchen also functions as a soap studio and herbal apothecary. This makes our office smell lovely!

Here’s some soap in the mold.

more soap in the mold

Soap loves recently made.


The apothecary cupboard.





botanicals for soap

alkanet oil

me in the soap studio

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