Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You have so many choices to be made about your pregnancy, birth and how you plan to care for your baby. It can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming at times. Whether you are still sorting through your options or are already committed to a  homebirth, a hospital birth or looking to support your pregnancy or postpartum with time honored, gentle natural remedies our website has information pertaining to all of these choices.

We are  traditional midwives located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  We serve families choosing homebirth in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the great metro area (within approximately 1 hour of St. Paul) and western Wisconsin.

sarah midwifeIn addition to our midwifery services, Erin   also offers  herbal medicine consultations classes and products. I integrate my herbal work and services into midwifery  care as desired by families.


Our Philosophy of Care

You deserve care that is respectful, caring, collaborative and safe. A woman and her partner deserve time to build a trusting relationship with caregivers who will be with them during pregnancy, throughout the birth and during the postpartum period and beyond. This is called continuity of care and it’s a hallmark of midwifery care and part of what makes midwifery care so different from the other healthcare a woman is likely to experience in her life. We believe that  making power rests with a family and that the traditional midwife does not act as an outside authority on high but rather as a fellow woman and  mother, a trusted advisor who helps to sort through fears, feelings, hopes, dreams, risks and safety information to come to the best decision for each individual family.

Homebirth offers you the ability to labor and birth in the privacy and comfort of your own home surrounded by birth attendants who allow a woman’s labor to unfold in it’s own unique manner.   For a healthy woman, homebirth is safe and offers freedom from unwarranted interventions and the attitude of fear and imminent disaster that often pervades mainstream maternity care. Labor and birth is hard work but we believe that you can do it!  Birth is a natural process in the life cycle of human beings and while it is important to be alert and ready to deal with any complications that may arise, we believe that pregnancy and birth should not be surrounded by fearful attitudes at the outset.  of It is our joy and privilege to attend women and their loved ones as they make the journey through pregnancy, labor and birth and during the special postpartum time with their new baby.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  1. Hi Erin, Sorry, I can’t find an email or phone number on your website. I have a question. I am interested in learning about floral essences to start working with them. I wonder if you know anyone who teaches about them? Please email me at Sincerely, Amy Vasterling

    • Hi Amy, I do not work with flower essences much. You should check out the classes from my colleague, Martin Bulgerin. He has extensive experience working with. Making and teaching about flower remedies and has taught at the herbal festival that I help organize.

      Lise Wolff uses flower essences and I think she teaches some about them in her 3 Seasons class. I didn’t see any short, individual FE classes on her schedule for this fall.

      You can always reach met 612-508-0584 with questions about classes, consultations, plants and medicine making.

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